Why Email Marketing or Promotional e-mails?

You accidentally subscribe to a company's promotional e-mails when you receive a product from a site, then are you satisfied with it? For some people, the answer is 'no' with a loud voice, but for most, the answer is 'yes'. Also, it is not unlikely that those who say "no" will be able to exchange e-mails from the site.

As a business owner, of course, you need to measure the rate of sending your email campaign, the rate of opening, the click-through rate, and the dropping rate of spam. Plus you need to know various elements to make a good promotional email ad.

E-mail Marketing And Optimization With Wizzoi

Like everything else on the Web, e-mails can easily be traced to analyze their effects and improve their performance based on analytical results. It is easy to see how many e-mails are opened, how many times they are displayed, how long they are displayed, which links in the e-mail are clicked, and what users buy a product or service after clicking on a link on your site.

At Wizzoi, we can also do many tests by sending email templates and campaigns to sample groups and we can observe what elements perform well. By means of these tests, we will be able to collect and send e-mail more effectively.

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