SMS Marketing: Advantages for Businesses

The SMS Marketing is the most direct and most return for companies using channel of mobile marketing. The companies have specific needs to integrate SMS sending, either for internal communication among employees, communication with their customers or for sending bulk SMS advertising. Users of mobile phones read the SMS messages they receive and a high impact is achieved.

SMS Marketing campaigns are cheap, effective and immediate, but to get the desired impact you have to do things right. Wizzoi accumulates many years of experience in SMS Marketing campaigns. We help you plan your SMS campaign for advertising purposes. Do not forget to keep in mind that:

  • The campaign must have a clear objective that fits the company's overall marketing strategy.
  • Offers made through SMS Marketing should have a real value for SMS recipients, and should contain a call to action when the customer reads the SMS.
  • SMS Marketing should be spaced out over time. Too high a frequency will tire the customer and can be counterproductive.
  • Of course, it must respect the legality. It is essential to have permission from the client to send you publicity.
  • The supplier should not be selected solely on the basis of price. The SMS channel is a very cheap marketing medium and very effective compared to others, but it is not free and a good service has its cost.
  • It is essential to measure the result of the SMS campaign: messages sent, messages delivered, number of customers that benefit from the offer.

Wizzoi makes it easy to send bulk SMS to companies by providing the technical mechanisms necessary to send SMS to mobile users and even more importantly by providing advice on the most appropriate way to do it in your company.

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